Everything written on my carbon-neutral website is my exclusive property unless otherwise indicated.

The Creative Commons license (CC0) covers all the photos on my carbon-neutral website and elsewhere unless otherwise specified. With the help of Everypixel, they are taken mainly from either Pixabay or Unsplash.

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If I have used any copyrighted images, this is purely unintentional.

If you own the copyright to any image used on my carbon-neutral website, please notify me, and I will remove it immediately.

I am a graduate chemical engineer who works as a self-employed carbon neutrality adviser.

The goal of my carbon-neutral website is to explain for businesses and individuals the vital importance of making their internet presence and lifestyle carbon-neutral.

On my carbon-neutral website, you find separate guides how to compensate for the carbon emissions of a website and (or) a lifestyle. Besides them, there is a free carbon footprint calculator for general purposes too.

In addition, to the above content of this disclaimer, I inform you that If you buy carbon offsets to compensate for your website and lifestyle carbon emissions in a self-managed way via a price offer claimed on my website, I will earn a commission for the purchases you made.

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