Lifestyle Carbon Offset

Lifestyle carbon offset is an instant action to demonstrate your commitment to curb the climate crisis

“The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for those emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere. In short, to offset.”

⁓ Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business
How to Talk to Your Friends and Family About the Climate Crisis? Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner and greener business and lifestyle. Make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral first, by a self-service carbon offsetting on a carbon-neutral website


More and more people recognize the relationship between the usage of fossil fuels and the climate crisis, and the resulting dangers, either in extreme weather or food security.

The carbon-neutral lifestyle demonstrates to the public that the CO2 emissions caused by your very own way of living during the previous balance year compensated for credibly.

Determined to have a certificate on climate-consciousness of your internet presence? Learn about the benefits of website carbon offsetting.

Almost all our activities (cooking, cooling, heating, usage of consumer electronic devices, traveling, etc.) require some kind of energy. Currently, our most widespread source of energy is fossil energy (coal, oil, and natural gas), so our ever-increasing energy demand generates more and more CO2 emissions.

➤ Why lifestyle carbon offsetting? 

The most commonly recommended solutions, such as changing eating habits, selective waste collection, or switching to LED lighting, significantly reduce CO2 emissions, but are not enough to completely neutralize the personal carbon footprint. Technically unavoidable, in other words, residual carbon dioxide emissions you can compensate for, only.

It is highly recommended to choose offsets, which derived from realized CO2 emission reduction of third-party verified green projects. Make you familiar with some of them below:

Voluntary carbon offset project from Siam Cement Factory in Thailand

Wind electricity generation project in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

More and more verified projects are known worldwide, which allows neutralizing more and more CO2. Besides, this is not just about decarbonizing only, but about forming an opinion! Hence, the more people participate and know about it, the more impact it will have on public thinking!

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Support climate protection projects in the proportion of your personal carbon footprint.

Q-ty of carbon offsets to neutralize a personal carbon footprint Price (€/year)
Individual – 6 168.00
Family with 1 child – 18 504.00
Family with 2 children – 24 672.00
Family with 3 children – 30 840.00
Family with more than 3 children – spec. calc. CALL!
Climate Protection Education Support (optional) 20.00

Click the button to apply for your proforma invoice!

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