ZeroCO2 is your way for a self-managed carbon offset of websites and lifestyle

Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner, greener business and lifestyle

Practice shows that it is impossible to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero, no matter how hard we try.

One of the biggest causes of environmental degradation is greenhouse gas emission. In particular, CO2 emissions.

From 37 billion tons to ZeroCO2. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner and greener business and lifestyle. Make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral first, by a self-managed carbon offsetting on a carbon-neutral website

Moreover, they grow as a result of all our activities, for which we have to burn fossil energy. The leading scientists of the world have agreed for decades that excessive CO2 emissions are not only responsible for environmental destruction but also for climate crisis.

The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for those emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere. In short, to offset.

Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business

There is also a link between climate change and the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus because the animals carrying infectious diseases find similar living conditions in new areas, where the weather also has a positive effect on their lives.

Your carbon-neutral website is credible proof of your climate-friendly internet presence, an expression of voluntary, business, and personal commitment to curbing the climate crisis.

Carbon neutrality is an inevitable element of sustainability!

Laszlo Rampasek


Carbon dioxide is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases.

Your carbon-neutral lifestyle is the verified proof of your environmentally conscious thinking, an expression of voluntary, personal commitment to curbing the climate crisis.

So, what does the greenhouse effect mean? At first, the rays of the sun arrive in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Concurrently, the atmosphere reflects those, but not as much of them as it should.

In other words, the atmosphere traps the rays of the sun, as in a foil tent or greenhouse. As a result, this is what causes global heating on Earth.


What is it that can really help? Could we find any green projects to neutralize our lifestyle and corporate residual CO2 emissions?

The self-managed carbon offset is a solution for instant and certified reduction of atmospheric carbon that, not for calming our conscience only. In essence, it is a real contribution to solving global issues amid climate emergency.

The Climate emergency is a kick start to create a better world. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner and greener business and lifestyle. Make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral first, by a self-managed carbon offsetting on a carbon-neutral website

Climate protection projects are present globally. For example, they could be forest conservation, the installation of wind farms, hydroelectric power, and establish biomass plants, fuel exchange programs, and to curb population explosion.

The activities of these projects are to reduce CO2 emissions and atmospheric pollution. In fact, they produce renewable energy to help cut back the need for fossil energy production.

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The iCC is associated with climate protection projects that have proven their activities and were verified by accredited third parties. Therefore, they are suitable for certified offsetting of residual CO2 emissions. For example, emissions caused by lifestyle and presence on the internet, during the past balance year. Thus, the high-class carbon offsets are the best selection to have on your certificate for carbon dioxide neutralization.

Now it is your turn!
Offset the residual CO2 emissions of your business and/or personal  website  and likewise your  lifestyle  by proportional support of climate protection projects!

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