Blog: “Students expect universities to do more on climate change”

“The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for those emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere. In short, to offset.”

~Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business
Your carbon-neutral website certifies your voluntary contribution to curbing the climate crisis.
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“We must move away from small-scale mitigation efforts and think on a larger scale about how to radically revamp teaching and research, says Joy Carter

If the coronavirus is like a storm battering the planet, there is every danger that the full impact of climate change will feel like a tsunami.

While Covid-19 has profoundly disrupted every aspect of our lives – employment chances, health and education will be scarred for a generation – it will feel like a dress rehearsal compared to what we will witness if carbon emissions are allowed to rocket still further.

The eyes of world leaders, universities and businesses have been understandably fixed on the pandemic, but the wildfires in the US and the recent controversial interventions of Extinction Rebellion in the UK have underlined that the impending environmental catastrophe has not gone away. And while worldwide lockdowns may have eased carbon emissions, possibly even delaying the worst for a few years, young people remain very concerned.” ~Joy Carter @Times Higher Education

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How to contribute to the green recovery from the coronavirus crisis?

As observed worldwide, the usage of the internet grew more significantly, than predicted, in consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the impact of the internet on climate is known less than the consequences of emissions generated by commercial flights.

As the published analyzes have pointed, however, the emissions caused by these sources are approximately equal. Both of them generate 2-2.5 percent of yearly global carbon emissions.

We have to accept that a lot of technical development required to exclude the burning of fossil fuels from flights and to keep the internet running.

Until we find the practical solution that is accessible to all, the only way to reduce the emitted carbon is to compensate for residual emissions.

Carbon compensation is characterized by accuracy and proportionality. Firstly, it is accurate. Because it based on the carbon footprint calculated from recorded data of inevitable carbon emissions during a previously closed period. Secondly, it is proportionate. Because of only as many carbon offsets required to credibly offset emissions, as many equal the carbon footprint calculated before.

To pointing out, carbon offsets represent emission reductions that have been realized by verified climate protection projects.

How to make your internet presence – business and personal website, blog, and social media – climate-friendly?

In light of the above, compensate for your internet presence, supporting the green recovery from the coronavirus crisis without delay.

Start with collecting the stats of your internet presence, business or personal website, blog, and social media profiles for the past 12 months.

Having the necessary data in hand, click the Website offset option on the menu of my carbon-neutral website.

The table, which appears in a new window, lists the prices of the carbon offsets required to compensate for carbon emissions depending on the number of website visits.
Find the row in which your stats value falls within limits.

The final step is to require a Pro-forma invoice. Enter your invoicing data and confirm the selected upon your stats price of carbon offsets.

Experience shows, when a community of like-minded people starts doing something, it creates a new norm.

Join the movement of climate-friendly internet usage with your carbon-neutral website or blog!

Disclosure: If you purchase carbon offsets, I may get a small commission. I only recommend what I’ve found valid, and you can check it clicking the sticky menu on the right side!

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