Carbon Footprint Calculator

You can easily calculate your carbon footprint.
First, select the user language and the country/region to which the calculation applies. Then, enter your contact information and press the “NEXT” button.
To continue, select the sources of carbon emissions from the tabs on the left. Record your real data from the last 12 months on the questionnaire that appears.
Click the “CALCULATE” button to calculate the CO2e emissions from the source. Finally, find the total carbon footprint in the “ALLTOGETHER” tab.

The Free Carbon Footprint Calculator program is brought to you by the iCCZeroCO2 Team!

icc-zeroco2-carbon footprint calculator

The temporary load failure of the Free Carbon Footprint Calculator can be caused by an incorrect configuration in the system or by a service outage.
We’ll automatically track these errors, but if the problem persists, please contact me on Messenger.
Anyway, check the climate impact of your business- and personal websites.

You can clear the entered data with the “RESET” key.

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One measure of the impact of human activity on the environment is the carbon footprint, which is also a key component of ecological footprint.

Therefore, analyze in detail the sources of carbon emissions from your lifestyle and business, using real data. Considering the results, strive for a climate-friendly restart after the coronavirus pandemic.

From now on, calculate your carbon footprint on an annual basis to track its changes. If the value calculated newly is lower than the previous one, it justifies the effectiveness of the implemented climate protection innovation.

In summary, plan the steps you will take to move continually closer to achieving a carbon-neutral lifestyle and business.

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