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A website carbon offset is an instant and certified atmospheric carbon reduction

“The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for those emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere. In short, to offset.”

⁓ Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business
There is more CO2 in the atmosphere today than any point since the evolution of humans. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner and greener business and lifestyle. Make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral first, by a self-service carbon offsetting on a carbon-neutral website


The Internet is responsible for 2% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, which equivalent to emissions from the aviation industry.

The carbon-neutral website is one of the best places to demonstrate your commitment to curb the climate crisis.

Determined to have a certificate on climate-consciousness of your lifestyle? Learn about the benefits of lifestyle carbon offsetting.

Hosting, surfing, streaming, etc. have a measurable carbon footprint because their providers consume fossil energy partially. Therefore, carbon dioxide emissions of these services, the users can’t eliminate in a technical way. In short, they belong to residual CO2 emissions.

Website carbon offsetting is an internet sustainability initiative that demonstrates the carbon footprint of the websites, makes suggestions, and provide services that compensate for the carbon load of website owners on the web. In conclusion, become the owner of a carbon-neutral website, and join our movement that continually works to make the Internet usage more climate friendly.

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Offset the CO2 emissions caused by the traffic and storage of your personal and corporate website in full. Moreover, certified offsetting of the CO2 emissions of Internet usage improves the following three things:

Self-service website carbon offset_Benefits for people_Carbon-neutral website_Carbon Footprint Calculator_GoForZeroCO2_ZeroCO2 People
First, website neutralization helps the climate-conscious company to attract sponsors, customers, and sympathizers into the process of CO2 emission reduction and to communicate the company’s sustainability efforts.
Self-service website carbon offset_Benefits for planet_Carbon-neutral website_Carbon Footprint Calculator_GoForZeroCO2_ZeroCO2 Planet
Second, an average-sized website emits 2132 kg CO2e in a year. According to EPA, this corresponds to the consumption of 240 liters of gasoline. This explains why it is so important to neutralize the carbon footprint of the website.
Self-service website carbon offset_Benefits for profit_Carbon-neutral website_Carbon Footprint Calculator_GoForZeroCO2_ZeroCO2 Profit
Third, website neutralization rises the profits by accenting climate awareness of the company, which draws attention to him and elevates the brand out of business noise. Refined SEO attracts a growing number of climate-conscious customers.


  • How does the world see sustainable businesses?
    93% of people globally make a more positive image of a company that supports the solution of social or climate issues.
  • How do consumers see sustainable businesses?
    88% of consumers will be loyal to a company that supports the solution to social or climate problems.
  • How do customers see sustainable businesses?
    70% of customers are willing to pay more for a product known to be climate-friendly.
  • How do potential employees see sustainable businesses?
    According to 70% of those born around the millennium, the company’s commitment to the environment has an impact on their decision to work there.
  • How do potential employees see sustainable businesses?
    65% of employees are seriously considering leaving their workplace if their company damages the environment.
Self-service website carbon offset_iCC website carbon offset benefits_Carbon-neutral website_Carbon Footprint Calculator_GoForZeroCO2_ZeroCO2

Support climate protection projects in proportion to the carbon dioxide emissions caused by your business and/or personal website

Monthly traffic on the website
(in the last 12 months)
Price: €/$ / year
(information only)
 0 – 5,000 €88 / $103
 5,001 – 10,000 €106 / $124
 10,001 – 80,000 €142 / $166
 80,001 – 156,000 €178 / $208
 156,001 – 186,600 €214 / $250
 186,601 – 236,500 €250 / $292
 236,501 – 312,000 €286 / $334
 312,001 – 358,620 €322 / $376
 358,621 – 405,240 €358 / $418
 405,241 – 468,000 €394 / $460
 468,001 – 517,900 €430 / $502
 517,901 – 1,000,000 €790 / $922
 1,000,001 —> special offer

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