Website carbon offset proforma invoice datasheet

I. To start the carbon offsetting of your personal and/or corporate website, please fill out the form below. The pro forma invoice will be sent to the email address you provided. The amount you select based on the visitor statistics for the past 12 months you receive from your service provider can be settled by bank deposit or wire transfer.

II. After the receipt of your payment, we email you the invoice and the CERTIFICATE OF COMPENSATION and the logo to be placed on an eye-catching position of your website. These are the proofs of your climate-conscious internet usage accepted globally.

III. We complete the compensation for the carbon emissions of your website for the period indicated by the certificate by displaying carbon units from the indicated climate protection project in a public register, in a transparent and verifiable by anyone manner. This prevents the reuse of carbon units.

Offset registrar, invoice issuer:
OurOffset Nonprofit Llc.
H-9600 Sárvár, Alkotmány u. 69. I. em. 8.
Tax number: HU26796123

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Certificate for the year 2018
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